A sorry tale of swivel-eyed loons, marrying your own offspring and why we should keep David Cameron.

22 May

To avoid people stopping talking to me and/or considering me a sexual object, I suppose I should start all this off by saying that I totally back the idea of gay marriage and also civil unions for heterosexual people. I also do not support either the Tory party or David Cameron.

But I do feel sorry for him. Really. I think on the gay marriage issue he genuinely believes that reform is needed and is trying to get the law changed with good intentions. He does not deserve Norman Tebbit saying that the gay marriage law will allow you to marry your own children. Tebbit really did say that today. David Cameron does not wish to legalise incest as far as I know, but at a political level he has totally fucked it up.

Let’s think back to 1994 when Tony Blair became leader of the Labour party. It took him three years to ‘modernise’ the party  and make it electable. I have put modernise in inverted commas as what Blair did in the three years before winning the election was to either convince the awkward elements of the party to shut up if they wanted power or just somehow got rid of them. I suspect Peter Mandelson’s foot on your neck is quite a persuasive tool. Either way the swivel-eyed loons of the Labour party have been kept well out of sight and out of mind. Yes, there are swivel-eyed loons on the left too, but they are my swivel-eyed loons.

David Cameron had five years in opposition to modernise the Conservative party but his swivel-eyed loons are still well and truly alive and kicking. Kicking more than ever. Blair – love him or loath him – and his henchmen Mandelson and Alastair Campbell  are consummate political animals, hence the demise of the more vocal and vote-losing elements of the Labour left. Cameron is not a political animal – wrong man, wrong job. Hence the loons. He is simply not tough enough.

But for pinkoes like me he must stay in the job and finish his term

If he stays in place the Tories will continue to be in disarray and with UKIP on their tails – DC will never make a deal with them in my view – the vote on the right will be split and Labour will likely win quite easily in 2015. If he goes now, we on the left have several problems. Firstly a possible general election now would be a disaster – if we are honest, Labour are not ready for one. Secondly, if Cameron goes now he will likely be replaced by a loon and that loon may well do a deal of some kind with UKIP. Thirdly if he jumps now, UKIP and the loons will smell blood and we will have more unity on the right than we can cope with.

So DC please stay where you are and we will enjoy the sight of the Tories becoming and more disunited and the loons getting ever loonier. But I think you might be mortally wounded on the gay marriage issue. How strange would it be for you to lose your job over a policy most of your party seem not to support but the other two main parties wholeheartedly back. It’s those loons, Dave.

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